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Second Blog Entry

  • Project name
    • UFO VS Asteroids
  • Team members
    • Kesong Xie
    • Ryan Keng
  • Description
    • Objective: Control the UFO to dodge the asteroids, shoot bullets to destroy asteroids
    • If UFO gets hit by an asteroid, the camera will shake.
    • If a bullet hits an asteroid, the asteroid will disappear and particle effects will be displayed
  • Technical features
    • Procedurally generated terrain (2 pts)
    • Collision detection with bounding boxes (2 pts)
    • Particle effect (1pt)
    • Rim shading (1pt)
    • Linear Fog (1pt)
  • What we are planning on spending our creative efforts on
    • Using Assimp for model loading (UFO)
    • Asteroid generation with different sizes/rotations
    • OpenAL for sound effects (Collision, background music, shoot bullets)
  • Screenshot
    • Use mouse to drag UFO, asteroids have different rotations, UFO can fire bullets and hit asteroids, particle effect and sound effect trigger when collision occurs.

    • Procedurally generated terrain

    • Collision detection with bounding boxes
    • Tight bounding box around object, with white wireframe.
      If bounding boxes collide, they will turn into red wireframes.