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First Blog Entry

  • Project name
    • Dragon VS Asteroids
  • Team members
    • Kesong Xie
    • Ryan Keng
  • Description
    • Objective: Control the dragon to dodge the asteroids, shoot beams to destroy asteroids
    • If dragon gets hit by an asteroid, the game ends.
    • If a beam hits an asteroid, the player earns a point.
  • Technical features
    • Procedurally generated terrain (2 pts)
    • Collision detection with bounding boxes (2 pts)
    • More features to be determined
  • What we are planning on spending our creative efforts on
    • Dragon's skin (perhaps using toon shading or texture mapping)
    • Asteroid generation with different sizes/rotations
  • Screenshots
    • Procedurally generated terrain

    • Collision detection with bounding boxes
    Tight bounding box around object, with white wireframe.
    If bounding boxes collide, they will turn into red wireframes.